Playlist 5/30/2014

Hi Delaina,

Thanks for requesting a Personalized Playlist. Below is a selection of lo-fi and alternative indie albums. All of the  albums are available from the library with your library card.


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.Scared
Scared famous.
Human Ear Drum.

Find Scared famous at your library

Keywords: Lo-Fi, Neo-Psych


William Onyeabor.Who
Who is William Onyeabor?.
World Psychedelic Classics.

Find Who is William Onyeabor? at your library

Keywords: African Pop, World, Post-Disco


Time’s Arrow.
Hydra Head.

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Keywords: Avant-garde, Rock


Haxan Cloak.Excavation
Tri Angle Records.

Find Excavation at your library

Keywords: Experimental, Ambient, Rock


Xiu Xiu.Nina
Graveface Records.

Find Nina at your library

Keywords: Jazz


Julia Holter.Loud
Loud city song.
Domino Recording Co.

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Keywords: Electronic, Rock



Find Monomania at your library

Keywords: Post-Rock, Dream Pop

Playlist 3/11/2014

Hi Nathalia,

Thanks for requesting a Personalized Playlist. Below is a selection of dance, pop and electronic albums you may enjoy. All of the  albums are available from the library with your library card.


La Roux.La
La Roux.
Interscope Records.

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Keywords: Pop, Dance


Fan Death.A
A Coin for the Well.
Last Gang.

Find A Coin for the Well at your library

Keywords: Dance, Pop


Warner Bros.

Find Prince at your library

Keywords: Pop, Dance, Funk


Saturdays = youth.
M83 Productions.

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Keywords: Dance, Pop


Cut Copy.In
In ghost colours.

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Keywords: Rock, Dance, Pop


Cold Cave.Love
Love Comes Close.
Matador Records.

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Keywords: Dark wave, Synth pop

Playlist 3/6/2014

Hi David,

Thanks for requesting a Personalized Playlist. Below is a selection of contemporary country and rock albums. All of the  albums are available from the library with your library card.


Jamey Johnson.Living
Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran.

Find Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran at your library

A tribute album to songwriting legend Hank Cochran. Includes performances by some of the biggest names in country music.

Keywords: Country


Trace Adkins.Love
Love Will.

Find Love Will at your library

Keywords: Country


Shaka Rock.

Find Shaka Rock at your library

AC/DC inspired arena rock.

Keywords: Hard Rock


Jason Aldean.Night
Night Train.
Broken Bow.

Find Night Train at your library

Keywords: Country


The Band Perry.Pioneer

Find Pioneer at your library

Keywords: Country, Rock


Eric Church.Caught
Caught In The Act.

Find Caught In The Act at your library

Keywords: Country, Rock

Playlist 2/27/2014

Hi Glenda,

Thanks for requesting a Personalized Playlist. Below is a selection of our favorite retro and contemporary gospel and soul albums. All of the performers have a background in gospel and many of the tracks on these albums have a heartfelt, positive message.  The albums are available from the library with your library card.


Raphael Saadiq.The
The Way I See It.

Find The Way I See It at your library

Motown inspired soul with roots in contemporary hip-hop

Keywords: Soul, Hip hop


Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.I
I Learned the Hard Way.

Find I Learned the Hard Way at your library

Classic soul vocals with full brass accompaniment

Keywords: Jazz, R&B


Various Artists.Good
Good God! : born again funk.
Numero Group.

Find Good God! : born again funk at your library

Compilation of gospel inspired funk

Keywords: Gospel, Funk


Charles Bradley.No
No Time For Dreaming.

Find No Time For Dreaming at your library

Soul with a very retro sound

Keywords: Soul


Yolanda Adams.Mountain
Mountain high — valley low.
Elektra .

Find Mountain high — valley low at your library

This is a Grammy Award winning and multi-platnum contemporary gospel album

Keywords: Gospel


Teddy Pendergrass.Best
Best of….

Find Best of… at your library

He was a hugley influential soul and R&B singer

Keywords: Soul, R&B

Various Artists.Shoutin'
Shoutin’ down the aisles : today’s best traditional gospel.

Find Shoutin’ down the aisles : today’s best traditional gospel at your library

Compilation including many contemporary gospel performers and choirs

Keywords: Gospel

Playlist 2/14/14

Hi Tara,

Thanks for requesting a Personalized Playlist. We dug into the stacks for some of our favorite uptempo tracks which are listed with the albums. The albums are available from the library with your library card.


…For the Whole World to See.
Drag City.

Find …For the Whole World to See at your library

Recommended: Let the World Turn …………. Stick with this one. It’s a massive crescendo. This may be the most triumphant album ever produced. Great story.

Keywords: Punk, Rock


Electric Warrior.
Warner Bros.

Find Electric Warrior at your library

Recommended: Get it On ……. You may be familiar with Get It On, but the entire album is classic.

Keywords: Rock, Glam


Janelle Monae.Archandroid
Bad Boy.

Find Archandroid at your library

Recommended: Tightrope.

Keywords: R&B, Dance


Of Montreal.Sunlandic
Sunlandic Twins.

Find Sunlandic Twins at your library

Recommended: So Begins Our Alabee…… This whole album is pretty joyful.

Keywords: Pop, Dance, Electronic


Find Congratulations at your library

Recommended: It’s Working…………………… This is my album of choice for running.

Keywords: Indie Rock


Forever Changes.

Find Forever Changes at your library

Recommended: Alone Again Or…….. This is one of the most overlooked albums of the 1960’s.

Keywords: Rock, Psych


Iron Maiden.The
Somewhere in Time.

Find Somewhere in Time at your library

Recommended: Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner …………. Speaks for itself.

Keywords: Heavy Metal

Playlist 2/6/2014

Hi Robert,

Thank you for requesting a personalized playlist! Based on your musical preferences, here is a selection of titles you might enjoy. All of the albums listed are available for checkout from the library’s collection.


Stations of the Crass.

Find Stations of the Crass at your library

“They said that we were trash/Well the name is Crass, not Clash.” So goes the opening of the coruscating “White Punks on Hope,” and with Stations Crass takes things to an even more vicious level than on Feeding. The opening yelps and screams from Ignorant on “Mother Earth” over a slow-building burn show that there was already much more to Crass than simple crash and bash punk, and with the rest of the album the collective moves between full-on assault and an ever increasing agit-snarl experimentation. —

Keywords: Punk


Poison Idea.Darby
Darby Crash rides again : the early years.
Southern Lord.

Find Darby Crash rides again : the early years at your library

Southern Lord’s comprehensive reissue of Poison Idea’s entire recorded output begins with this remarkably thorough 29-song trawl through the Portland, Oregon hardcore heroes’ earliest recordings (named in deference, incidentally, to doomed Germs frontman Darby Crash, whose influence on P.I. vocalist Jerry A. cannot be overstated). —

Keywords: Punk


Milo Goes to College.

Find Milo Goes to College at your library

And indeed, since he was heading off to do just that, the Descendents bowed out the earliest phase of its existence with another collection of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it songs about life, love, girls, losers, and, of course, food. Starting with the classic rip-and-riff of “Myage,” which started a long-standing trend of Descendents songs ending with “-age,” the four-piece pureed everything it loved — pop hooks, punk and hardcore thrash, and whatever else it enjoyed — and came up with an unpretentious, catchy winner. —

Keywords: Punk


You’re Nothing.

Find You’re Nothing at your library

Still rooted in the energetic punk and hardcore mania that defined their debut, You’re Nothing shows a band that’s matured rapidly, approaching more nuanced and sophisticated arrangements, lyrical themes, and ideas. That doesn’t just mean the songs are slower, either. Standout tracks like “Everything Drifts” and “Wounded Hearts” maintain the band’s urgency while growing more musically introspective. —

Keywords: Punk


The Exploited.Best
Best of Exploited: Totally Exploited.

Find Best of Exploited: Totally Exploited at your library

Keywords: Punk


Life Goes On.
New Red Archives.

Find Life Goes On at your library

Keywords: Punk


Die For the Government.
New Red Archives.

Find Die For the Government at your library

Keywords: Punk

Playlist 1/30/2014 #2

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for requesting a personalized playlist! Based on your musical preferences, here is a selection of titles you might enjoy. All of the albums listed are available for checkout from the library’s collection.


New Order.Substance
Qwest Records.

Find Substance at your library

Substance is a double-disc set collecting New Order’s singles, including several songs that were never available on the group’s albums, at least in these versions. While there are a couple of re-recordings of earlier singles, most of Substance consists of 12″ single mixes designed for danceclub play. Arguably, these 12″ mixes represent New Order’s most groundbreaking and successful work, since they expanded the notion of what a rock & roll band, particularly an indie rock band, could do. Substance collects the best of their remixes, and in the process it showcases not only the group’s musical innovations, but also their songwriting prowess — “Temptation,” “Blue Monday,” “Bizarre Love Triangle,” and “True Faith” are some of the finest pop songs of the ’80s. —

Keywords: Electronic, Pop


Neutral Milk Hotel.In
In the aeroplane over the sea.

Find In the aeroplane over the sea at your library

Perhaps best likened to a marching band on an acid trip, Neutral Milk Hotel’s second album is another quixotic sonic parade; lo-fi yet lush, impenetrable yet wholly accessible, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is either the work of a genius or an utter crackpot, with the truth probably falling somewhere in between. Again teaming with producer Robert Schneider, Jeff Mangum invests the material here with new maturity and clarity; while the songs run continuously together, as they did on the previous On Avery Island, there is a much clearer sense of shifting dynamics from track to track, with a greater emphasis on structure and texture. —

Keywords: Alternative, Neo-Psych


Crystal Castles.Crystal
Crystal castles.
Last Gang.

Find Crystal castles at your library

No matter how much Crystal Castles insist they’re named after She-Ra’s fortress and not the 1983 arcade favorite, thanks to the Atari sound chips in their keyboards, their music evokes vintage video game soundtracks — albeit ones that have been folded, spindled, and mutilated almost past recognition. On their self-titled debut, Crystal Castles (aka Ethan Kath and Alice Glass) hurl eight-bit bleeps, bloops, and noise as relentlessly as Space Invaders marching down a screen, turning these sounds into sometimes chaotic, sometimes moody synth pop with a jagged edge. —

Keywords: Indie pop, electronic


Various Artists.The
The minimal wave tapes. Volume two.
Stones Throw.

Find The minimal wave tapes. Volume two at your library

“New York DJ Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave label has long championed a rare and shadowy sub-subgenre of incredibly obscure early electronic music. The second volume of Minimal Wave Tapes compiles 14 tracks of goth-leaning dark electronic sounds from the pre-MIDI 1980s, a cross section of the raw, rudimentary sounds that the label generally trades in. Unearthing stuff like this is no small feat, as in many cases the original releases were incredibly limited vinyl or cassette runs, moving in tiny circles among the artists and a handful of friends and fans.” —

Keywords: Electronic


Sonic Youth.Daydream
Daydream Nation.
DGC/Geffen Records.

Find Daydream Nation at your library

By refining the song-oriented breakthroughs of Sister and developing their fascination with noise and alternate tunings, Sonic Youth created a masterpiece of post-punk art rock with the double-album Daydream Nation. Though the self-conscious sprawl of the album might appear self-indulgent on the surface, Daydream Nation is powered by a sustained vision, one that encapsulates all of the group’s quirks and strengths. Alternating between tense, hypnotic instrumental passages and furious noise explosions, the music demonstrates a range of emotions and textures, and in many ways, it’s hard not to listen to the record as one long piece of shifting dynamics. But the songs themselves are remarkable, from the anti-anthem of “Teen Age Riot” and the punky “Silver Rocket” to the hazy drug dreams of “Providence” and the rolling waves of “Eric’s Trip.” Daydream Nation demonstrates the extent to which noise and self-conscious avant art can be incorporated into rock, and the results are nothing short of stunning. —

Keywords: Alternative, Indie


The Zombies.Odessey
Odessey & oracle.
Big Beat.

Find Odessey & oracle at your library

Odessey and Oracle was one of the flukiest (and best) albums of the 1960s, and one of the most enduring long-players to come out of the entire British psychedelic boom, mixing trippy melodies, ornate choruses, and lush Mellotron sounds with a solid hard rock base. But it was overlooked completely in England and barely got out in America (with a big push by Al Kooper, who was then a Columbia Records producer); and it was neglected in the U.S. until the single “Time of the Season,” culled from the album, topped the charts nearly two years after it was recorded, by which time the group was long disbanded. —

Keywords: Psych, Rock