Playlist 5/7/13

Hi Dave,

Thank you for requesting a personalized playlist! Based on your musical preferences, here is a selection of titles you might enjoy. All of the albums listed are available for checkout from the library’s collection.

The Mountain Goats .The
The life of the world to come.

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“The Mountain Goats are, for all practical purposes, the endlessly clever and prolific John Darnielle and whatever musicians he surrounds himself with, which means that while the soundscape may change from project to project, the overall tone and feel of Darnielle’s work remains remarkably consistent, an impressive achievement, really, since The Life of the World to Come is his umpteenth album (his 16th, actually, and his sixth for 4AD), and if an album where every track is named after a Bible verse looks like it’s going to be a radical departure for Darnielle, rest assured, it isn’t. This isn’t some praise & worship affair, but is instead a considered treatise on the use and meaning of faith in our lives, and it’s a theme Darnielle has visited frequently in his past work, and it isn’t the first time he’s used Bible verses to provide narrative structure to a song, either. ”

Keywords: Pop/Rock


Rogue Wave.Descended
Descended Like Vultures .

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“Rogue Wave’s second album is at its heart no great departure from their first. Like Out of the Shadow, Descended Like Vultures is indie rock through and through. There isn’t a moment that doesn’t feel influenced, borrowed, or previously released by Death Cab, Elliott Smith, Yo La Tengo, Lou Barlow, and so on. Luckily there also isn’t a moment that’s not tuneful, exciting, or ingratiating; it’s second-hand but runs just like new. Indeed, sweet vocal harmonies, melodies that hook you instantly, and arrangements that envelop you in their gooey goodness are still the backbone of the Rogue Wave sound.”

Keywords: Pop/Rock


Kenny Baker .Frost
Frost on the Pumpkin.
County Records.

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“Originally recorded in 1976, this is one of the 12 great fiddle albums recorded for the COUNTY label by a man in who Bill Monroe called “The finest fiddler in Bluegrass music”. Re-issued onto CD format after many years off the market, it presents 7 Baker originals along with such standards as BACK UP & PUSH, PASS ME NOT and SILVER THREADS AMONG THE GOLD. Baker is backed by Bob Black (banjo), Joe Stuart (guitar) and Sam Bush (mandolin) with Blaine Sprouse adding 2nd fiddle on a few tracks. Some of the superb pieces are K & B POLKA, BLUEGRASS IN THE BACKWOODS, MAKE A LITTLE BOAT, CHEYENNE BREAKDOWN and the title tune.”

Keywords: Bluegrass


Mike Seeger.Fresh
Fresh Oldtime String Band Music .

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“Mike Seeger assembled Fresh Oldtime String Band as a way of updating and revitalizing old timey string band music to bring it to a new audience. Throughout the collection, he and his collaborators — which include Kirk Sutphin, Norman and Nancy Blake, the Horseflies, and James Bryan — develop, new inventive arrangements, mostly consisting of unsual instrumentation and the revival of old, 19th century instruments such as a fretless banjo. It’s an exciting take on some classic songs that afficianados will adore; neophytes, however, won’t hear the differences between these versions and more traditional versions of these standards.”

Keywords: Folk, Old Timey


Various Artists .Classic
Classic Railroad Songs.
Smithsonian Folkways .
2006 .

Find Classic Railroad Songs at your library

“Smithsonian Folkways ninth installment of its popular Classic Series chronicles the golden age of the American railroad. Classic Railroad Songs from Smithsonian Folkways picks up where 2004’s Classic Maritime Music collection left off, unearthing previously unheard of gems from their archives along with classics from some of the genre’s finest practitioners. Twenty-one of these remarkable folk songs, field recordings, tall tales, and work songs appear on CD for the first time, from the crisp a cappella “F.F.V.,” performed by Annie Watson (mother of Doc Watson), to Cisco Houston’s rousing “Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill” from his 1968 Sings American Folk Songs anthology. Compiled by Grammy Winner Jeff Place, Classic Railroad Songs is enriched by rare photos from the Library of Congress and there are detailed liner notes for each and every one of the 29 cuts which provide a glimpse into the hobo lifestyle of legendary characters like Harry McClintock, Leadbelly, and Furry Lewis — the latter lost a leg in 1917 in a railway accident.”

Keywords: Folk, Blues, Country


Bruce Springsteen .Nebraska
Nebraska .
Columbia .
1982 .

Find Nebraska at your library

“There is an adage in the record business that a recording artist’s demos of new songs often come off better than the more polished versions later worked up in a studio. But Bruce Springsteen was the first person to act on that theory, when he opted to release the demo versions of his latest songs, recorded with only acoustic or electric guitar, harmonica, and vocals, as his sixth album, Nebraska. It was really the content that dictated the approach, however. Nebraska’s ten songs marked a departure for Springsteen, even as they took him farther down a road he had been traveling previously. Gradually, his songs had become darker and more pessimistic, and those on Nebraska marked a new low.”

Keywords: Rock, Folk


Bon Iver.Bon
Bon Iver .

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“Part of the beauty of Bon Iver’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, was the intimate, backwoods feel of the recording and the simplicity of Justin Vernon’s soaring, open wound of a voice with only minimal musical backing to distract from its impact. Even though Vernon had a few other people playing on the album, it was easy to imagine a solitary broken soul spilling his guts onto tape for hours at a time while the world went on without him. It was a truly aching, somewhat claustrophobic sound that was beautiful and unique. After a couple years in which his life was basically turned upside down thanks to the success of For Emma, Vernon’s second album is quite different. Where For Emma was stripped down and intimate, Bon Iver is packed with guest musicians, horn sections, strings, and extra vocalists. Every inch of sonic space is filled with sound, each one fighting for space and distracting from Bon Iver’s strength, namely Vernon’s vocals.”

Keywords: Folk, Rock

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